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let me lay waste to thee

community college may be cheaper but getting away from your parents is priceless

I know a guy. He’d be a young man now.

so i finally saw the new x-men movie today, and i loved it so much

but for real, how can you reference Jean Grey’s death in the third movie and not explain how the professor is miraculously still around?? didn’t he die in the third movie too or am i seriously just hallucinating that?


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do you think sneaking out is ever a problem at hogwarts? like beyond secret passages to hogsmeade for late-night hogsmeade.

imagine there’s this small muggle scottish town not far from hogwarts. just a quick broom hop.

and some especially rambunctious muggleborns start hanging out around there. they sneak out on days no one’s looking for students, quidditch matches and hogsmeade weekends. 

sometimes they go to the little movie theater and the workers are always baffled. this town isn’t exactly a tourist spot, but every so often, a group of kids just show up out of nowhere. there’s a core few, but there’s always at least a couple who watch these movies like they’ve never even heard of the concept of the moving picture before. and they just sit there with their eyes wide and these big smiles. 

and they always go out to eat after, but never to a restaurant, no. they go to the convenience store and wipe out the junk food and candy aisle. and they carry the leftovers like they’re going into hibernation.

sometimes it’s just a couple of them. they sit at the cafe and the waitresses all eavesdrop on them because they say the weirdest things like “it’s so nice to eat without wax dripping on our heads, eh?” or “you look kind of different under electric lighting. i’m not used to it.”

their only friend in town is the guy who works in the music shop. they hardly ever buy anything, but the guy plays the newest music for them whenever they stop in. he fills them in on new albums and singles that just came out. a few girls ask about one tv show. he doesn’t pry, but once one of the teens told him they just “don’t have access to this stuff”

sometimes they just sit in the park all day, drinking soda and eating candy bars, and just read magazines, with more piled around them.

it’s not that they wish they weren’t at hogwarts or that it’s a prison to break out of. sometimes being surrounded by magic can just be too much. they get homesick for a whole other way of life. 



20 Vivid Hummingbird Close-ups Reveal Their Incredible Beauty




holy shit

#people underestimate how scary as fuck Pokemon would be if it were a movie not a children’s cartoon

I haven’t agreed with a tag more




holy shit

I haven’t agreed with a tag more

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To save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right?

am printing four dollars worth of paper for my English class for a short story that I’m not even proud of ugh



Spn Season 10 sneak peek

I’m too sexy for my love - too sexy for my love.
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Can't stop won't stop FEEL MY PAIN




But then Cas says “Dean… Cursed or not… Remember?”

And Dean smirks and says “Its not broken. Remember?”

Cas quoting old conversations and demon!Dean throwing Cas’s past mistakes in his face

ur killing me

Can't stop won't stop FEEL MY PAIN